Most Valuable Player

What’s the difference? I mean aren’t they the same thing? What’s the big difference between a Father & Dad?

Most kids don’t run into their ‘fathers’ arms they run to ‘daddy’. My kids don’t say: “father father can we, will you, I want”. No, they say daddy and that’s how I refer to him as well unless I’m sometimes saying: “go ask ya father!’ I’m not sure kids even know the difference until their into their teenage years. To me they’re just not the same.

Father: biological parent to a child. Some refer to him as the donor, child support provider (most of you hope) or baby’s daddy. For the most parent it’s viewed with negative connotation which is why I don’t use any of them.

Dad/ Daddy: An active participant in the upbringing, growth and development of their child(ren). One who provides physical, emotional, spiritual support with love.

*See also characteristics of father but not necessarily nor is it essential (for all you stepdads and boyfriends that have picked up the slack so to speak).

Well all I can say is that my kids have both a father and a dad or as they would say daddypooh or the other long list of endearing terminologies.

Growing up we had both parents in the home during my elementary years. Both my parents worked hard to provide. We didn’t have name brands or eat lobster and steak everyday but we were fed bathed and clothed- the essentials. My dad put the fear of God in us without having to say a word. He was fun, took us for drives just because which usually meant ice cream or Mickey D’s or just hang out, all of us on the bed watching westerns and animal planet (which I haven’t really ever watched since his passing 17 yrs ago). He also could def cook better than my mom (don’t worry she knew that 😉). What I didn’t know about my dad until he passed was that he was a dad to so many others. I mean where did he find the time between work, traveling and being home with us🤷🏾‍♀️. I had no idea that my dad was being spread so thin it’s like he had over 10 children (nieces, nephews) not including us that he was helping to fix cars, buy clothes and giving money to and who knows what else. Even 10+ years after his death I’ve had family members say ‘he was our favorite uncle he was like a father to us and we still miss him’. As his daughter it’s an honor to hear the legacy that he has left behind in the heart of so many others. I guess that’s why I prayed so hard for my kids about the dad they’d have and God came through🙌🏾 WON’T HE DO IT!!!.

In this area I chose well ☺️. He’s a willing and active participant, and sometimes too much even telling me how to parent 😏🙄. Even in utero he was there when we found out it was twins not sure if he was more excited than I was or not. He bought me a car and built up cribs and was very attentive- which means he bought me pizza and ice cream when ever I wanted 😁. I got a car (so I didn’t have to ride the train 🤢), belly talk, spa treatments, foot rubs, ice cream galore and even a baby moon to Disney. He changed diapers and gave baths. Always there for every year for the first day of school, attends all events and school meetings good, bad or indifferent. Provides whatever they need even when I say no. Watches them while I go to class, bible study and even when I went on my most recent solo trip (even though he cheated a bit bringing them to my mom and sister😆). He helps with homework and school projects but most of all he spends time making them laugh. Sometimes its annoying how good the twins relationship is with their dad. Must have been the same feeling my mom felt about me with my dad (sorry mom 😔). Their built in best friend from the start who loves them unconditionally💕.

Hey I can’t complain especially when I hear or see up close what some women go through with their kids fathers. Begging to get them to give $50/month to feed their kids or spend time with them. Quitting jobs jut not to pay , have their passports taken away and still not paying. Breaking their babies heart when they just don’t show up 😔. We actually get along pretty well and can come in agreement with regards to most things regarding our kids.

Everyday, week and month that goes by we get better about how we co-parent and for that I’m grateful. Grateful for the mutual respect that we have for each other even after our divorce. Is it perfect everyday? Nope but I believe we are doing the very best we can to provide a loving environment that allows the kids to grow to healthy individuals regardless of whether we are together or not. I wouldn’t trade him for the world! When it comes to our team (entire village) I can say with confidence that he is our MVP🏆.

So, a special shout out goes out to: Amira & Gavin’s DADDY!! Happy Father’s/ Daddy Day, we Love ya!

*yes, I can love him even though we’re divorced.

Happy Father’s & Daddy’s Day to all you awesomedads out there!

3 thoughts on “Most Valuable Player

  1. Love this! 👏🏾 I agree with him being an awesome dad! And this post gives so much respect & love, which makes my heart glad . Godly proud of you💕. #LoveWins #LoveConquers


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